You’re never short of burger options in Soho and yet making the decision of where you want to go can sometimes be the hardest part – so let us introduce you to one. Readers, meet BRGR.Co. 

Positioned on the corner of Wardour and Noel Street, it’s handy location is just strides from the bustle of Oxford Street. As with most burger joints in Soho it’s not big, but thankfully there’s no unbearable queues outside meaning you won’t have keeled over craving that patty before actually getting down to eat.

Once you master the art of getting inside gracefully (the doors are a nifty piece of work – entertaining when your friend is carrying a rather large bag, not so entertaining when that person is you) you’re greeted by the hostess who can show you to your seats, either in the front room overlooking the kitchen or in the back, which has a bit more of an intimate restaurant feel to it. 

The menu is as expected: an array of burgers, sides, hot dogs and delicious drinks – there is too one veggie option, the Falafel burger if you’re not down with the meat. We couldn’t resist starting off as indulgently as we meant to go on by ordering the Coke Ice Cream Float and Vanilla Milkshake sending us right back to our childhood holiday memories. We thought about something a little less naughty to drink – but quickly deemed that a ridiculous decision. Go big at BRGR or go home, we say.

This is true too when it comes to the food. You have your standard patty – the ‘blade steak’ – and options for toppings varying from good old cheese to bacon to guacamole. And there’s the signature burgers – we went for those after the manager’s insistence that these were the best. The most popular, the Hanger Steak Burger is crafted from prime cuts of tender steak whilst the Rump Steak Burger consisted of a blend of beef fillet, prime rib and rump. Juicy, satisfying and more-ish. Team these with a portion of the sweet potato fries (huge – by the way) and onion rings and you can’t go wrong.

We finished off our meal the best (read: greediest) way imaginable: with a bronut (ok, it was to share). Incase you can’t work it out, this hybrid is a doughnut shaped chocolate brownie, and it’s seriously good. Paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream it was enough to stuff us silly which left only thing left…

The BRGR.COma.

BRGR.CO Soho, 187 Wardour Street, London, W1F 8ZB