INTRODUCING: Little Moons & Tsuki Mochi


Hands up, who’s heard of mochi?

Well, if you haven’t, you’re in luck because we’re about to introduce you to our new favourite sweet little treats!

We were recently invited to an exclusive mochi evening – not only to learn about the famous Japanese delicacy but also to try our hand at re-creating them (we’ll get to how that went later!). The evening was hosted by Vivien Wong (co-founder of Little Moons and Tsuki Mochi) and head patisserie chef at Nobu, Regis Cursan. We were lucky enough to sample delights from both Little Moons and Tsuki Mochi  – and were instantly hooked!

So what exactly is mochi?

Little spheres of heaven, to be blunt. The outer shell – if you will – is produced from pounded and sweetened rice flour, giving it a chewy texture. Inside, the Little Moons are filled with gelato ice cream with every flavour from coconut, vanilla, mango to matcha green tea, whilst the Tsuki Mochi contain a rich, dark chocolate cream and are dusted in cocoa – we promise they’ll have you rolling your eyes into the back of your head with pleasure…they’re that good!

Now to the part where we could try to make them for ourselves – let’s just say, Vivien and Regis made this look a whole lot easier! There was a disastrous mess our side of the table and certainly nothing that remotely resembled mochi. Think we’ll be leaving that one to the professionals…

Instead we’ll settle for getting ours ready made. You can find Little Moons and Tsuki Mochi in a number of London’s top Japanese restaurants including Bone Daddies, Shoryu Ramen and Tonkotsu. As well as for sale at Whole Foods (Little Moons) and Selfridge’s (Tsuki Mochi).

Japanese indulgence indeed – but don’t just take our word for it. You really need to try these for yourself. |


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