FOOD REVIEW: Bunnychow, Soho

Normally when seeing bread with a filling the word “healthy” doesn’t come to mind but this is all changed with Bunnychow’s “Better Breads” offering. Launched this month, right on schedule for the dry January detoxes the menu features gluten-free bread, charcoal brioche, protein wholemeal and matcha green tea white bread. The new ‘loafs’ teamed with Bunnychow’s deliciously wholesome fillings, are going to provide guilt-free lunch and dinner options to see you into the New Year.

To accompany the healthy ‘Better Breads’ Bunnychow have also introduced a new range of juices and cocktails. Made with exotic fruits, created fresh by the chefs on the day, the juices bring a burst of African sunshine to a winter’s day. Served on their own or shot of spirits as a fresh cocktail, the juices can also be served hot and transformed into a toddy to further fend off the chill.

With all of these healthy options to choose from we went for the charcoal brioche which is said to help the body absorb harmful toxins, cleanse the digestive system and boost the immune system. The filling in this was the “Veggie Bunny” (£5) vegetarian option and was totally delicious. The vegetables and quinoa made for a lovely and light lunch and complimented the bread perfectly. The second choice was the protein wholemeal bread filled with ingredients that lowers blood pressure and enhances brain function with the “Chakalaka Bunny” (£5) spicy chicken filling. This was similar to pulled chicken and was warming and filling which was perfect for the cold winters day.

We had the “Monkey Gland” (£2.50) chicken wings as a side which were spicy and a great accompaniment to the mains. Our juice of choice was the “Green Mamba” (£3 without booze, £5 for a single and £7 for a double) with cucumber, lime, mint and elderflower. This was so refreshing and cut through the spiciness of the sauce perfectly. The main event was the dessert for both of us, this was a smaller brioche bun filled with dark melted chocolate and topped with a fruity mixture. This was £3 and a total steal. I would highly recommend leaving room for this, even just to share between two!

The verdict is that this place is really great for a quick lunch, or breakfast, I am told. The food is clean and healthy and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended!

74 Wardour Street, W1F 0TE | | twitter: @thebunnychow