FOOD NEWS: CLAW pops up at the Three Compasses, Dalston

Crab Burger

Bringing the Devon coast to the streets of London, CLAW marries a bounty from the sea with the land’s freshest seasonal produce in a celebration of the humble crustacean. Scurrying sideways across the city, try a pince of the action as CLAW takes up residency at Dalston’s award-winning pub The Three Compasses now until the end of January 2016 with must-try burgers, addictive sides and a brand new weekend brunch menu.

Founded by Foodpreneur 2015 winner Fabian Clark in January 2015, CLAW was born of a passion to put crab back onto British plates as Britain exports something to the tune of 80% of its crab to the rest of Europe. Now, Fabian brings his bespoke crab dishes to one of the East End’s most beloved new bars for a snappy stint of crustacean craziness.

Deadliest Catch: The Menu

The CLAW menu offers five burgers (priced between £9.50 and £11) each served in an organic soft brioche bun with tarragon salted fries including:

  • The Samphire (Devonshire hand-picked crab, iceberg lettuce, samphire, CLAW sauce)
  • The Kimchi (Devonshire hand-picked crab, iceberg lettuce, kimchi, sriracha remoulade)
  • The Shrimp (freshwater shrimps, fried capers, icerberg lettuce and tartare sauce)
  • The Veggie (mixed beans, cumin, iceberg lettuce and masala mayonnaise)
  • The Octopus (Newlyn barbecued octopus, pickled cucumber, smoky BBQ sauce, coriander)

Sides include crab & mac, a seafood twist on the ultimate comfort food with a stringy mixture of Emmental, cheddar, Jarlsberg (£5); crab and mozzarella arancini with harissa mayo or lemon aioli (£4); and freshly-made slaw (£3).

A first for CLAW, a seafood-focused brunch menu will be available 11am – 4pm every weekend throughout the residency. Dishes include a Lobster BLT (£9); crab grilled cheese with chilli and coriander (£7); smoked pancetta sourdough sandwich (£5.50); and black pudding hash with smoked lardon, cauliflower purée, potatoes and a fried egg (£10).

CLAW @ The Three Compasses

99 Dalston Lane, London E8 1NH | t: 020 7923 7452 | | | twitter: @ClawFood | @3compasses