FOOD REVIEW: Aladino’s, High Street Kensington

You could be forgiven for not knowing much, if anything, about Alexandrian cuisine after all, it’s not exactly common here in London, but after reading this, you won’t be forgiven for not trying it. The food of Egypt’s second largest city draws on its cosmopolitan background with traditional Egyptian dishes heavily influenced by Lebanese, Turkish and Greek tastes and spices. And the place to try such food is at Aladino’s, a fine dining neighbourhood restaurant in High Street Kensington. It’s an elegant affair without the stuffiness. Staff are polite and attentive whilst restaurateur Aladin himself is a warm, friendly chap that will have you sampling the entire bar if you’d let him persuade you.

We began with some pre-starter nibbles: a delicious trio of hummus, smokey baba ganoush and flatbreads we practically filled up on because we couldn’t resist how good they were. For starters we ordered the succulent King prawns in a light, crispy coating and the goat’s cheese and beetroot ravioli which hands down was one of the tastiest dishes we’d had in a long time. Our mains of sea trout with spiced beure blanc, brown shrimp, sea purslane and slow-roasted tender shank of lamb which just melted off the bone were just as much crowd-pleasers as their predecessors. Desserts were probably not necessary if our full stomachs were anything to go by, but certainly couldn’t be missed. The 70% Valrhona chocolate delice with summer berry compote and pistachio crisp was an indulgent delight whilst the mango parfait with tangerine coulis, creme chantilly and meringue was surprisingly light and just the perfect amount of sweet. We finished off the simply wonderful meal with a deliciously drinkable glass of German Riesling, converting us fully to dessert wine drinkers.

Aladino’s is a place not only for the locals, but also for those that want to feel like a local. We were made to feel part of the family at Aladino’s and couldn’t find one thing to fault, it truly was an exquisite meal from start to finish – we can’t recommend you visit Aladino’s enough and get better acquainted with Alexandrian cuisine. | 38C Kensington Church Street, W8 4BX