COMING SOON: Shuang Shuang

Opening in Chinatown towards the end of November will be London’s first specialist Chinese hot pot restaurant, Shuang Shuang.

In case you need a bit of clueing up on your hot pots – they’re generous pots of simmering stock traditionally sunk into the table which is then used to cook an abundance of ingredients. It’s a dish that across Asia is shared between friends and families, with every region offering up their own take.

Shuang Shuang’s menu starts with snacks including Canton’s Orange Squid (sourced for a Chinatown favourite), Duck and Sour Plum Skewers and Xin Jiang Spiced Ribs. Moving on to the main event, you take your pick from five different broths to create your very own individual hot pot. Choose from Bird Berry (made from a rare breed of black-fleshed chicken and dried Chinese berries), Mala (Sichaun peppercorns and dried chilli), Herbal River (created with prawn heads and lemongrass), Lamb Tonic (lamb bones and Chinese pickled cabbage) and Monk’s Broth (with soy milk, turnips and mushrooms). Broth chosen, begin picking your ingredients from the passing conveyor belt to cook for yourself. Choose from fifty or so ingredients including Sea Bass Slices, Queen Scallops, thinly sliced free-range British Beef and Pork, Pumpkin slices & Wood’s Ear Mushrooms and Chinese Pea Shoots and Mustard Leaves. Be as brave and adventurous as you want or alternatively, have the recipe cards available to give you a helping hand in recreating China’s most loved combinations.

There will also be a desserts menu to satisfy your sweet tooth and a drinks list including some rather unusual concoctions (Papaya Milk, Chrysanthemum Tea, Grass Jelly Tea to name a few) and beer from Taiwan, Harbin and Yanjing, as well as an intriguing sounding Chinese pineapple beer.

With the colder months approaching we think a hot pot sounds like just the trick. We can’t wait to stir up a masterpiece.

64 Shaftesbury Avenue | London | W1D 6LU